Turning ZoneAlarm Browser Security On and Off

Once you have installed ZoneAlarm browser security, it’s on by default. It performs much of its work behind the scenes, until it needs to warn you about a danger or let you know the results of a download scan.

You know that ZoneAlarm browser security is on when you see the ZoneAlarm toolbar in your browser. Also, a small white border appears around your browser (except when the browser window is maximized).

To turn browser security on or off from your browser:

  1. In your browser window, choose View | Toolbars, and then select or deselect ZoneAlarm toolbar.
  2. Restart your browser.

To turn ZoneAlarm browser security on and off from ZoneAlarm:*

  • Open ZoneAlarm, and then click Browser Security in the left navigation bar.
  • On the Browser Security panel that appears, click On or Off.

Opening an Unprotected Browser Window

Occasionally you may find a site that you trust seems to conflict (not display or work properly) with browser security. The site may use programs that ZoneAlarm browser security protects you from, even though those programs are used in a safe way. One convenient option is to try opening the site in an unprotected browser while leaving ZoneAlarm browser security on. (If this does not help, see Troubleshooting Interference with Other Programs.)

To open an unprotected browser window while ZoneAlarm browser security is on:

  • Choose Open Unprotected Browser from the ZoneAlarm browser security system tray shortcut menu. (Only available in versions that include virtualization.)

Remember that this browser window is not protected by ZoneAlarm browser security

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