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Advanced technologies, Facebook security and ease-of-use provide powerful security

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 26, 2011 – Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced the new 2012 version of ZoneAlarm security to provide the latest in antivirus technologies. The security suites feature advanced antivirus capabilities that utilize ZoneAlarm DefenseNet™, a cloud-based service that detects over 50,000 new applications and threats daily, to silently stop existing and emerging attacks. In addition, unique features like Private Browsing, DataLock hard drive encryption, SocialGuard Facebook security and a new set of parental controls; protect consumers and families across multiple layers, making ZoneAlarm the most comprehensive security suite available.

Traditional signature-based antivirus technologies have been unsuccessful in providing comprehensive and consistent protection against evolving malware. ZoneAlarm 2012 delivers two advanced technologies to strengthen antivirus protection. Check Point’s new behavioral anti-virus system detects hard-to-identify viruses by monitoring their lifetime actions. ZoneAlarm DefenseNet™, a proven cloud-based service that gathers data from over 60 million ZoneAlarm users, improves virus detection and minimizes false positives. Together, they provide reliable protection against a variety of threats.

“One in three computers is infected every year. With statistics like that, people need a more aggressive and comprehensive security solution,” said Bari Abdul, vice president of consumer sales at Check Point Software Technologies. “The new antivirus technologies we are introducing in ZoneAlarm 2012 target hard-to-identify threats, providing the end user with maximum security requiring minimum effort.”

A new set of parental controls make ZoneAlarm 2012 ideal for any family. These controls enable parents to limit the time spent online or playing games and can block pornography, hate sites, questionable chat rooms, online gambling, profanity and many more. To further help parents out with monitoring their child’s Internet activity customers who buy or renew ZoneAlarm products during the month of June will also receive a one-year subscription of ZoneAlarm SocialGuard, the company’s new Facebook security application. This new social networking security platform protects you and your kids from strangers, account hacking, cyberbullies and dangerous links. Users will also notice a new user-interface along with quicker initial installation – making this powerful security solution easy to use, install and navigate for any member of the family.

ZoneAlarm 2012 offers the most comprehensive suites available and are ideal for any individual or family. In addition to securing your computer, the Internet, your identity, and data, it also provides unique protection technologies:

  • Private Browser mode not only clears your surfing tracks, but also virtualizes, encrypts and erases all activity and content viewed in the browser and its plug-ins so others cannot see anything you have seen.
  • Identity Protection services monitor your credit activity, alert you of anything suspicious, and provide victims with recovery assistance.
  • Distinctive ZoneAlarm DataLock automatically encrypts your entire hard drive to stop others from reading your PC, laptop or netbook, even if it is lost or stolen.
  • ZoneAlarm SocialGuard protects you and your kids on Facebook from strangers, account hacking, cyberbullies and dangerous links.

ZoneAlarm offers complete security that combines multiple layers of defense for unbeatable protection. More information and a full list of product features and benefits of ZoneAlarm products for 2012 can be found at

“Today’s dynamic PC users need to understand how to protect not only their computers, but their identity, personal data and Internet usage – our mission is to make this complex task easy for anyone by providing strong security suites that incorporate all levels of protection,” concluded Abdul.

Pricing and Availability
New ZoneAlarm 2012 products will be available at starting June 1. List pricing starts at $59.95 for ZoneAlarm Antivirus & Firewall and ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall, $69.95 for ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, and $79.95 for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. During the month of June, new purchasers will also receive a 1 year subscription of ZoneAlarm’s new Facebook security application, ZoneAlarm SocialGuard (regularly priced for $19.95). Current ZoneAlarm customers with up-to-date subscriptions may upgrade to the latest version of their product for no extra charge.

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization. Check Point is the only vendor to go beyond technology and define security as a business process. Check Point 3D Security uniquely combines policy, people and enforcement for greater protection of information assets and helps organizations implement a blueprint for security that aligns with business needs. Customers include tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes, including all Fortune and Global 100 companies. Check Point's award-winning ZoneAlarm solutions protect millions of consumers from hackers, spyware and identity theft.


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