Customizing behavioral scanning

Behavioral scanning detects new malware that is not yet tracked by anti-virus databases. For example, it can detect a process attempting to install a driver to gain access to your operating system. It can also detect rootkit-like behaviors that would set up access for hackers.

Behavioral scan detection does two different things:

  • If the detected behavior is clearly dangerous, it moves the program to Quarantine so it poses no threat to your computer.
  • If the detected behavior is suspicious, you are prompted to make a choice of allowing the activity or not.

Customizing behavioral scanning:

Open the Anti-virus / Anti-spyware | Settings | Behavioral Scan panel to view all the behaviors that ZoneAlarm considers suspicious or dangerous. Deselect any behaviors that you don’t want monitored.

Note: The dangerous behaviors list on this panel is dynamically updated as your product receives updates.

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