Setting the SmartDefense Advisor level

Whenever you use a program that requests access, SmartDefense Advisor queries the ZoneAlarm server to determine the policy for that program. You can choose to have SmartDefense Advisor set the permissions for the program automatically, or you can configure program access manually. The SmartDefense Advisor level is set to Auto by default.

If you set SmartDefense Advisor to Auto and there is no advice available for a program, ZoneAlarm security software displays a Program alert prompting you to allow or deny access to the program. ZoneAlarm security software keeps your setting unless SmartDefense Advisor comes out with a different setting, or until you change the setting manually in the Programs panel.

For information about setting program permissions manually, see Setting permissions for specific programs. You can set SmartDefense Advisor to Manual or Off and set all program permissions manually. Or, you can set SmartDefense Advisor to Auto and set manual program permissions only when SmartDefense Advisor does not recommend a policy.

To set the SmartDefense Advisor level

  1. Select Application Control.
  2. In the SmartDefense Advisor area, choose your setting.


In Auto mode, SmartDefense Advisor automatically implements the recommendation returned from the server. Application Control must be set to Medium or High to set SmartDefense Advisor to Auto.


In Manual mode, you will receive Program alerts when programs request access and can set the permission on your own.


SmartDefense Advisor will not contact the server for program advice.

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