Viewing logged virus events

By default, all Virus events are recorded in the Log Viewer.

To view logged Virus events:

  1. Select Tools | Logs|Log Viewer.
  2. Select Virus, from the Alert Type drop-down list.

The table below provides an explanation of the log viewer fields available for Virus events.




The date of the infection.


The type of event that occurred. Possible values for this field include:

  • Update
  • Scan
  • Treatment
  • E-mail

Virus name

The common name of the virus. For example, iloveyou.exe.


The name of the infected file, the name of files being scanned, or the name and version number of update and/or engine.

Action Taken

How the traffic was handled by ZoneAlarm security software. Possible values include:

  • Updated, Update cancelled, Update Failed
  • Scanned, Scan cancelled, Scan Failed
  • File Repaired, File Repair Failed
  • Quarantined, Quarantine Failed
  • Deleted, Delete Failed
  • Restored, Restore Failed
  • Renamed, Rename Failed


Whether the action was manual or auto.


If the virus was detected in e-mail, the e-mail address of sender of the infected message.

Virus event log fields

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