Understanding alerts and logs

Understanding and reducing alerts

To learn about the various kinds of ZoneAlarm security software alerts you may see, see Understanding and reducing alerts.

Understanding the alerts and logs panel

ZoneAlarm security software alert and logging features keep you aware of what’s happening on your computer without being overly intrusive, and enable you to go back at any time to investigate past alerts.

Expert rule options let you track not only blocked Internet traffic, but allowed traffic as well, giving advanced users the option of maximum information for customizing security rules for their environment.

About event logging

By default, ZoneAlarm security software creates a log entry every time traffic is blocked, whether an alert is displayed or not. Log entries record the traffic source and destination, ports, protocols, and other details. The information is recorded to a text file named ZALOG.txt, stored in the Internet Logs folder. Every 60 days, the log file is archived to a dated file so that it doesn’t become too large.

You can choose to prevent specific categories of events from being logged—for example, you may want to create log entries only for firewall alerts, or suppress entries for a particular type of Program alert. You can also have ZoneAlarm security software log specific types of traffic you have decided to allow, by creating expert rules with tracking features enabled.

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