Using browser security

You know that ZoneAlarm browser security is on you when you see the ZoneAlarm toolbar in your browser.

The ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar adds the following important protections.

  • Warns you when you go to sites that do not have adequate security credentials.
  • Detects known and unknown phishing Web sites.
  • When virtualization is enabled, it can stop malicious zero day drive-by downloads, meaning malware that is not yet known by anti-virus and anti-spyware engines and has no known solution. (Not included in some versions.)
  • Lets you choose a Privacy Browser option when you want to leave no trace on your computer of what you’ve typed or where you’ve been. (Not included in some versions.)
  • Checks anything you download from the Web for malware, using a sophisticated multi-layer scanning process. (Not included in some versions.)
  • Blocks the processes that keylogger and screen grabber malware use to secretly record your keystrokes or onscreen activity. This helps ensure that even keyloggers or screen grabbers that have not yet been discovered are rendered harmless. (Not included in some versions.)

See the Help Center provided in the ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar for full details.

Accessing ZoneAlarm browser security Help and troubleshooting:

Open the online Browser Security Help Center from your browser toolbar:

  1. With ZoneAlarm browser security enabled, open a Web browser.
  2. From the ZoneAlarm browser toolbar menu, choose Help.

Turning browser security on and off:

ZoneAlarm browser security performs much of its work behind the scenes, until it needs to warn you about a danger or let you know the results of a download scan.

To turn browser security or off from ZoneAlarm:

  1. Select Browser Security.
  2. Click On or Off.

To turn browser security on or off from your browser:

  1. In your browser window, choose View | Toolbars, and then select or deselect "Browser security toolbar."
  2. Restart your browser.

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