Viewing items in quarantine

In some cases, items detected during a virus or spyware scan cannot be treated or removed automatically. These items are usually placed into Quarantine so that they are rendered harmless but preserved so that they may be treated in the future after an update to your virus and spyware signature files.

Any files in Quarantine are completely neutralized and isolated -- your computer is safe from them.

To see viruses in Quarantine:

Select COMPUTER | Anti-virus / Anti-spyware | Settings | Quarantine.

The Quarantine panel includes these options:


Deletes selected file.


Restores selected file to original folder on your computer.

More Info

Shows more information about selected file.

Rescan when new signatures are received, auto roll back if scans are negative

When enabled, if a quarantined object is found safe by new virus signature scans, it’s restored to the folder it was in before it was quarantined.

When does ZoneAlarm automatically quarantine a file?

  • When heuristic scanning finds that the file resembles a known threat or has a malware-like structure.
  • When behavioral scanning detects that operations attempted by the file are suspicious and dangerous.

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