Choosing a scan mode

Virus scan modes apply to the scans that run according to a regular schedule or when you click a Scan button.

Choosing a Scan Mode for scheduled scans:

See Scheduling regular anti-virus scans.

Choosing a Scan Mode for on-demand scans:

  1. Select COMPUTER | Anti-virus/spyware | Settings | Advanced Options.
  2. Choose a Scan Mode:

Quick Scan

Fastest. Scans only Windows folders, Startup folders, and folders linked to startup items, which are common places for hackers to place viruses. (Programs in these folders can run automatically without permission, which creates the most risk.)

Normal Scan

Fast, default scan. By skipping archive and non-executable files you get a quicker scan with minimal risk of missing viruses that could self-activate.

Deep Scan

Very thorough. Recommended every six months or after exposure to a virus outbreak. Scans all files and folders, and scans for rootkits. Skips archive files which pose minimal risk because they cannot self-activate.

Note - Your Scan Mode settings override your Scan Target settings. For example, regardless of the folders you select as your Scan Targets, if Quick Scan is your scan mode, then the only folders scanned are Windows and startup folders.

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