Enabling file and printer sharing

To share printers and files with other computers on your network, you will need to configure ZoneAlarm security software to allow access to the computers with which you plan to share resources.

To configure ZoneAlarm security software for file and printer sharing:

Add the network subnet (or, in a small network, the IP address of each computer you’re sharing with) to your Trusted Zone:

  • Go to the Computer | Advanced Firewall | View Zones panel.
  • Under the Name column, find your home network (it may be the only listing), and on that row right-click the word "Internet" under Zone and choose Trusted from the pop-up menu.

Note - If the default Trusted Zone security level has been changed, reset it to Medium. This allows trusted computers to access your shared files.

If the default Public Zone security level has been changed, reset it to High. This makes your computer invisible to non-trusted machines.

See Setting the security level for a Zone.

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