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January 15, 2007

Thank you for choosing ZoneAlarm security software, the easy-to-use Internet security product that detects and controls both inbound and outbound Internet traffic, protecting you from known and unknown threats.

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Products and versions covered by this Readme

The term ZoneAlarm security software refers to the following four ZoneAlarm security software products:

This Readme provides information about version 7.0 of these products.


About ZoneAlarm security software

The term ZoneAlarm security software refers to five products that provide increasing amounts of protection for your computer.


ZoneAlarm provides a free version of basic firewall protection and limited e-mail protection.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus

ZoneAlarm Antivirus adds antivirus protection to ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware adds spyware protection to ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm Pro

ZoneAlarm Pro provides expert firewall protection, inbound and outbound e-mail protection, privacy control, and expert firewall rules.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite

ZoneAlarm Security Suite adds instant messaging security, web filtering, and Antivirus/Anti-Spyware protection to the features available in ZoneAlarm Pro.

How to get help

To get help about ZoneAlarm security software features and menus, click the Help button in the top right corner of the interface. You'll get help that's specific to the panel that was open when you clicked the Help button.

To get help with a ZoneAlarm security software alert, click the alert box's More Info button to send the alert to our AlertAdvisor Web site and receive advice from the experts at ZoneAlarm.

System requirements

Supported operating systems, hardware requirements, and other information:

Supported e-mail protocols

ZoneAlarm security software provides protection for the following e-mail protocols:

How to report problems

To report problems with ZoneAlarm security software, visit to submit an incident report.

Installing and uninstalling

If you already have a previous version of ZoneAlarm security software installed on your computer, the ZoneAlarm security software installation program asks you whether you want to perform an upgrade installation (which will preserve your existing settings), or a clean installation (which will remove your firewall, program control, and other security settings and return them to ZoneAlarm defaults).

To upgrade to version 7.0 from previous versions of ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware, ZoneAlarm Security Suite or ZoneAlarm Pro, you can run the ZoneAlarm security software installation program without uninstalling a previous version of Zone Lab software.

Perform a clean installation if you have been experiencing problems with a previous version. If you delete the previous settings please make sure to save your settings (paid clients only) with the built-in backup & restore feature or you will lose all program settings and other configurations and you will revert to the default settings that come standard with the product when freshly installed.

Installing on Windows 2000 or Windows XP

To install on a Windows 2000 or XP machine, you will need administrator privileges. The installer logs the changes made to your system to a file named INSTALL.LOG in the installation directory (by default, C:\program files\zone labs\zonealarm). In ZoneAlarm Pro version 3.7 and above, running the uninstaller removes all ZoneAlarm Pro files, including security settings.

Restarting your computer

You must restart your computer after performing either a clean or upgrade installation over an existing ZoneAlarm product.

Running ZoneAlarm security software

By default, ZoneAlarm security software also starts automatically each time you start the computer. To start your ZoneAlarm software manually, in the Windows Start menu choose | All Programs | ZoneAlarm | ZoneAlarm Security.

Licensing: License keys and subscriptions

Your ZoneAlarm security software license key determines the types of security functions available to you. Without the license key, ZoneAlarm security software runs in Trial mode for 15 days.

To check the status of your license key, or to change the license key, select Overview | Product Info, then click Change Lic.

Known issues

This section contains the following categories of known issues:

Upgrade / compatibility

  1. If you set up a proxy configuration, you will need to restart Zone Labs security software before your changes will take effect. [20924]
  2. When installing Zone Labs security software over an existing installation of MailFrontier spam-blocking software, some MailFrontier settings will be lost after installation. [23315]
  3. Expert rules not blocking traffic allowed by program permission. When you give a program permission to communicate and create an expert rule which is set to block, it is the program permission that takes precedence. For example, if you allow the "ping" program, make a rule to block ping replies from and ping another computer, the reply is allowed. Even though your rule said block, the fact the program was allowed means a reply to the (allowed) send is allowed. [26822]
  4. When upgrading to a new version, close any open trial dialog boxes before beginning the upgrade. [40871]
  5. The Flash tutorial is out of date. [CR00207455]

Anti-virus / Anti-spyware

  1. When trying to restore spyware that has been quarantined, you may receive an error if you attempt to restore spyware that was previously restored.
  2. Before attempting to restore a file from the quarantine, make sure your computer has enough free disk space to accommodate the file. [40435]
  3. If you close the scan window while a scan is running, then reopen the window to the same scan, the duration of the scan may display incorrectly. CR00207934
  4. Sometimes ZoneAlarm starts an update during an antivirus or anti-spyware scan. This can lead to erroneous scan results. You should re-run the scan following the update. CR00207772
  5. The list view is set to a specific size which may not show all data. You can select the right edge of the list view and expand the column to see all of the data. CR00207535
  6.  If a scan has detected many objects, and you decide to quarantine all objects, the ZoneAlarm user interfacewill update frequently when each item is quarantined. CR00207531
  7. If you set an item to be ignored by a security scan, it is not displayed in the log viewer of the Alerts and Logs panel. CR00207421
  8. If you minimize the update progress window to the task bar, clicking the view update button will not bring the window back up. To show the window again, select the update dialog from the task bar. CR00207344
  9. The count of scanned files can be off by one or more. CR00207122
  10. Occasionally the AV scanner cannot access a file due to the target file permissions. CR00206763
  11. In rare cases, the Scan panel may not load at start up. Try restarting the client or rebooting the machine. CR00206728
  12. ZA (IClient) doesn't check for absence of damaged spyware.dat CR00206627
  13.   Sometimes the last scan time can be displayed in error. CR00206605 
  14. New spyware scan starts with spyware count derived from previous scan CR00206562 
  15. ZoneAlarm Antivirus will automatically quarantine archives that contain "not-a-virus" files. [CR00207999]
  16. ZoneAlarm may not display alerts when blocking programs. [CR00207952]


  1. Web Filtering and Privacy protection may prevent some images from displaying correctly. On rare occasions, some Web page images may not display correctly when both Web Filtering and Privacy Protection are enabled.


  1. E-mail attachments with a .vcf extension with ".com" in file name are not quarantined - Zone Labs security software incorrectly quarantines .vcf files if the filename also contains ".com". For example, a .vcf file named would be renamed to smith.z16.vcf. [16046]
  2. MailSafe does not display a warning dialog if you attempt to open a quarantined attachment in Mozilla Thunderbird. [27411]

IM Security

  1. If Yahoo Messenger's connection is configured as "Firewall with no proxies" then it will not be always "in use" in "Program History Log" located on IM Security's Main tab. [35061]
  2. When IM is configured to be connected via HTTP protocol, it is not secured by IMsecurity component, it is secured by TrueVector the same way as web browsers that use HTTP(S). [35
  3. Windows Live Messenger cannot synchronize its Shared Folders directory if IMSecurity is turned on. [CR00207912]
  4. Windows Live Messenger does not show a buddy's image if IMSecurity is turned on. [CR00207910]
  5. IMSecurity does not display an alert when blocking a video session in Yahoo 8 IM window. [CR00207600]112]


  1. TabletPC users must manually assign trust level of "Super" to wisptis.exe or the pen won't work.

Third-party Software

  1. Built in XP firewall prevents FTP - The built-in XP firewall can interfere with Zone Labs Security software handling of active FTP traffic. This may result in incoming FTP traffic being blocked by Zone Labs Security software. To solve this problem, either use passive FTP, or turn off the XP firewall. [8456]
  2. Problems with Zone Labs security software and GoToMyPC on Windows XP- If you are connecting to a Windows XP machine that has the "Protect the ... client" option selected, remotely opening the Zone Labs security software Control Center on the host machine will block all keyboard and mouse activity. To resolve this issue, on the host machine, select Program Control|Programs, and give Trusted and Internet access rights to the "GoToMyPC Screensharing Plugin" (g2host.exe), then reboot the host machine. [14624]
  3. Running Zone Labs security software simultaneously with other firewall software may cause conflicts - We recommend that you not run other PC firewall products (such as PC-Cillin, Kerio, Sygate) simultaneously with Zone Labs security software. [12641, 17734]
  4. Certain versions of McAfee antivirus software are incompatible with ZoneAlarm Antivirus and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. If you are using a version of McAfee that uses Layered Service Provider (LSP) technology you will not be able to turn on the Zone Labs antivirus feature. [18034]
  5. When running a Zone Labs firewall product at the same time as Norton Internet Security (NIS), you may have problems viewing some HTML pages. To prevent these problems, disable the NIS Personal Firewall. [23244]

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