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Customizing Regular Scan Schedule

To customize the scan schedule:

  1. In the ANTIVIRUS tab click Scheduler.

    The Scheduled Tasks window opens.

    Note - Another way to access Scheduled Tasks is through the Menu toolbar on the home page of the ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall security software Client Interface. Click Tools > Scheduled Tasks.

  2. For Antivirus Quick Scan change the State to enabled.
  3. Select Frequency of scans from the drop-down menu. The available options for the quick scan are:
    • every day
    • weekly
    • every 2 weeks
    • monthly
  4. For Antivirus Full Scan repeat the two steps above. The Frequency options for the full scan are:
    • monthly
    • every 3 months
    • every 6 months
    • every year

To see the date of the Last Scan and the date of the scheduled Next Scan, click the arrow button to expand the scan configuration part of the panel.

Note - To enable selection of the Initial Task Start Time, and to schedule a regular Antivirus Update, or the Product Update, you must upgrade to a premium version of the ZoneAlarm product.

Note - If your computer is not on, when the scheduled scan is set to run, the scan will run fifteen minutes after your computer restarts.

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